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6 ways to make sure you don't have a Motorbike Accident

Posted by John Adams on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 Under: Motorcycle Riding Skills
One of the most important aspects of riding a bike is safety, which is unfortunately often neglected. This aspect becomes even more important when they are delivery bike riders. Because they need to increase the speed and efficiency of their services.

Riding a motorbike is different than driving a car, but the rules on the road are the same for everyone. Factors such as awareness, respect for traffic laws, and common sense saves you and others from fatalities associated with motorcycle accidents.

Given the nature of the vehicle and their job, delivery bike riders must observe the following safety tips for riding:

Wear a Helmet with Face Shield:

The most common and most important safety measure is to wear a helmet with a face shield and eyewear. In case of an accident, the helmet is the best protection against head injuries. A bike rider without a helmet is five times more exposed to the critical head injuries.

Wear Motorcycle Protective Gear:

Wearing helmet only is not sufficient. The rider must wear protective gear which is helpful in reducing the injuries if the accident happens. Leather jacket, pants, boots and gloves help in protecting the body from personal injury. In addition to it, make sure your gear has a reflective tape on it to reflect during the night so that other drivers can see you.

Be Defensive:

Simply, wearing the reflective gear is not sufficient nor assume that the driver can see you. You need to be careful in driving as approximately two-thirds of the accidents occur because the driver violates the riders’ side of the way. Make sure your headlights are on as well as you don’t ride on the driver’s blind spot. When you intend to change the direction, make sure you signal well and remain aware of the turning vehicles.

Take Care of the Load:

The delivery riders are legally bound to take the load on the tank using appropriate tank bags. But at the same time, they must not obscure the view of the delivery rider or make the bike lose balance. The tank is commonly placed at the back of the metal bucket of the bike.

However, according to Hein Jonker a motorcycle expert, the box should be mounted over the passenger seat or above the rear axle. This is to not interfere with the handling of the bike. Moreover, the size of the box should be manageable so that the bike does not become unstable while placed on the side stand.

Techniques to Learn:

The bike riding techniques and skills are learned and practiced by few. Following are important things delivery rider need to learn:

  • Keep distance with vehicles and keep levers covered.

  • Split the lane with caution

  • Keep an escape route and don’t ride in the blind spot of the next vehicle

  • Keep your beam on and make yourself visible to others

  • Follow the legal speed limit

  • Ask the employer to take Rider Training Course

Formal Riding Education:

It is always beneficial to sharpen your riding skills through riding education program. It is better to get a license and take riding course regularly to learn and develop riding techniques.

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