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A reliable courier can prove indispensable

Posted by Mark Wright on Monday, October 1, 2018 Under: Courier Service
Law firms regularly need to make court filings and arrange for registry of deeds in connection with the assignments that they are handling for their clients. While this may seem to be a routine matter, it requires great expertise and a detailed knowledge of the functioning of certain areas of court procedures. An undelivered or wrongly delivered document can play havoc with an ongoing litigation. Most law firms outsource activities of this nature to a third party legal courier service.

Court work is very paper-centric and the fate of a litigation can hang on the appropriate document being made available at the right time. A dependable legal courier service will ensure that the correct papers are handed over in a timely manner to the designated person, and his acknowledgement obtained and preserved as proof of delivery.

Delivering legal documents is a specialized task and the courier services that are employed by law firms need to be knowledgeable about the functioning of courts and the intricacies that may be involved. For example, a document could be delivered to the right place but to the incorrect desk. Or, it may so happen that the signature of the appropriate authority is not taken at the time of delivery.

If the legal courier service that is employed by an attorney is inexperienced and makes errors of this nature, it may jeopardize the entire case. At the very least, it could delay the proceedings and result in a situation where an extension has to be sought from the judge. There could also be a financial implication and a penalty may be required to be paid for the delay.

In on-going legal proceedings, a situation may arise where a document is to be prepared in the attorney's office, signed by the plaintiff at his residence, and then delivered to the court. Specialized legal couriers provide same-day services to take care of such situations, where they work according to the requirements of the law firm. In fact, the courier service would also be aware of the locations and procedures of the various courthouses in the area being catered to.

A legal matter may involve large sums of money or be important in some other way, for example, it may be about a property dispute or a divorce proceeding.Lawsuits of all types would involve a number of documents and a reliable and competent legal courier service would be required for their timely delivery to the correct recipients. Law firms would do well to engage a service that specialises in legal documents to ensure that their ongoing legal matters do not suffer because a document was not delivered in time.

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