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Abnormal Load Escort UK

Posted by Darren Hill on Wednesday, September 20, 2023 Under: Motorcycle Escorts
Abnormal Load Escort UK. Here at Spartan the Abnormal Load Escort Specialists we have plenty of experience in planning the perfect route for your heavy, large, long, high or wide loads. Once we have the details of the proposed route we will carry out, if required, a full and comprehensive route survey in which we will carefully assess the suitability of all the roads, tight turns, structures, bridges and narrow lanes that will be encountered. 

We leave nothing to chance and produce a highly detailed route survey for what ever size abnormal load you need to get moved. We always provide you and your haulier with a detailed step-by-step document of the route with accurate bridge widths, heights, weight limits.

Here at Spartan we offer dependable and reliable pilot motorcycle services which are needed to escort abnormal loads. We will help plan your routes and liaise with the police in the various divisions along the route to ensure safe delivery of your abnormal sized loads. We will escort your abnormal load anywhere in the UK.

Many different large, wide or high abnormal loads legally require a pilot motorcycle as an escort vehicle by law. We will be able to tell you straight away what permissions will need to be obtained and we have plenty of experience in the Haulage and transport industry. We will ensure a smooth and safe transit of your abnormal loads. Our Pilot motorcycles are designed to meet the specifications of the Highway Agency’s new Self-Escorting of Abnormal Loads and Abnormal Vehicles voluntary Code of Practice.

You NEED The UK Pilot Motorcycle Specialists

Here at Spartan we offer a 24 hour, 7 day a week service, with a fully computerised booking system to ensure no detail is overlooked. Our experience with Pilot motorcycles and escort vehicles for abnormal loads means your special deliveries will get to where they are meant to be quickly and safely. Our drivers are all heavy haulage specialists and are highly-experienced driving professionals who have had to deal with many different situations on the roads and motorways throughout the British Isles.

Pilot Motorcycle Services and UK Route Planning

The planning and preparation and detailed knowledge of the final route is essential for a successful transit of large and abnormal loads. The team at Spartan will ensure all the required Police notifications and local authority permits are all in place as part of our first class pilot motorcycle and escort vehicle service.

Safety on the roads is uppermost in our minds when we prepare, plan and supply a pilot motorcycle for your abnormal load transit.  When you choose Spartan you can relax and let us take the strain an let our experienced team get to your destination with the minimum of fuss and stress.

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