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Becoming a Courier

Posted by Sarah Arrow on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Under: Courier Work
There are many businesses that rely on couriers every day. From delivering an Elephant to an envelope, it's all delivered by a truck. Many people like the feeling of the peace of mind that a courier can give them when delivering their goods.

Can anyone become a courier? There are some things that people should know if they are thinking would like to become a courier. Many companies require that the couriers that they hire be of at least the age of 18. Some ask that you are over 25 for insurances purposes. Checking the requirements of the place that you are thinking of applying to can save you from wasting your time if you are not of age to work for the company. Don't give up after trying one, each company has different requirements. Also a lot of companies want people that work for them to pass a security check. They do this by having the applicants show documentation that they do not have a criminal record and ask for a five year or ten year checkable work history. They will call up your references.

A criminal record check can be obtained through the police in your area. They are nearly always charged for and can take up to 3 months to come through. Apply early!

Good companies also want a driver's license photocopy - it proves to them that the driver is legal and if it has no points, that you are a better driver. This can be very important if the company is supplying the vehicle that will be used.

A lot of courier jobs require that you use your own vehicle and in effect you are a self employed courier. Making sure that you have a reliable vehicle to use is another essential those wanting to become a courier will need. You want to be able to provide the service without any hassles of breakdowns happening on a regular basis, so recovery membership will be needed too. Don't forget insurance.

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