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Becoming a part time / self employed courier

Posted by Howard Trott on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 Under: Courier Work
There are some easy ways of starting your own business, which require very little expertise. Part time courier work is a great way of earning extra money, with some couriers making a full time business out of it, when they have a good client base. 

Part time courier work basically involves delivering packages from one location to another. Work can vary from short to long-distance work that can take you the length and breadth of the country should you be available. The price you are paid is normally calculated by the size of the load you are carrying as well as the distance you travel. So, what do you need to start your own courier business?


The type of vehicle you will need is dependent on the kind of work you intend on doing. If you want to just transport small items, a motorcycle or small car will do, however if you are looking to carry large items or help in small home moving projects, you will some sort of van. The most vital things is that you have or choose a vehicle which is reliable and efficient as this will save you vast amounts of money and headache in the long run. Vans are built to last so if you can afford the initial outlay it is worth getting one. Not only does it mean you can do more work, you can also stick your website and contact number on the side.


Along with your standard motorcycle, car or van insurance, you will need insurance to cover the goods you will be transporting. Goods in transit insurance or courier van insurance will give you £10,000 worth of cover for the goods you are transporting, which in most cases will be adequate. Should you require larger amounts of cover, contact your insurer to find out how much extra you will be required to pay for a short-term extension of the policy.

Getting work

There are a number of ways to get work. A great place to start is to place private listings in magazines and websites such as Gumtree and Craigslist. Also try private courier websites where you can take on jobs advertised. Once you have a good list of feedback, you will begin to get more jobs as well as form new business relationships that could lead to regular work. Check out our employment page.

Notify the Inland Revenue

Once you begin getting work, it’s vital that you inform the Inland Revenue, as you will be required to pay taxes for all the work you will be doing.

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