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Blood Couriers Manchester, North West England, UK.

Posted by Howard Trott on Monday, October 2, 2017 Under: Medical Courier
Every day, blood banks across the country are faced with distribution challenges including safety, temperature, and timing. Our operations incorporate business processes to collect blood donations from both fixed and mobile draw sites and to successfully deliver those products. The nature of the blood bank industry demands specialised delivery services not available from average courier companies.

Spartan Motorcycle Couriers provides blood bank organisations with a fast, safe, secure delivery service through dedicated advanced motorcycle riders on high performance motorcycles, who are a highly experienced team of professionals. Through a committed team of motorcycle couriers the "chain of custody" is always carefully preserved. As a leader in the field, we provide same-day/ next-day pick-up and delivery services to blood bank laboratories, hospitals, and physicians. We understand the time-critical nature of your business and have particular expertise in specimen handling and transport.

Hospitals never close, so we don't either. We operate 24 hours 365 days a year. With the ability to instantly respond to re-routing, life impending situations, and unique handling requests.

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