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Building motorcycle skills

Posted by Mike James on Friday, March 8, 2019 Under: Motorcycle Riding Skills
To be competent in any endeavor requires the development of specific skills, and motorcycle riding is no different. Of course, a lot of the skills needed for competent motorcycle riding can simply be obtained through conscientious practice. However, the skills needed to become proficient in motorcycle racing may require professional help. There are a number of areas that a motorcycle rider should develop skill whether they are doing it on their own or with a trainer.

Crucial motorcycle skills include: riding skill, racing skill, physical conditioning and bike maintenance.

Riding Skills

The riding skills necessary for a motorcyclist will vary depending on what they plan on doing with them. If they intend on racing, then they will need a completely different set of skills than the dirt bike trail rider. Both riders will have to be exposed to various situations, and through practice, develop the skill to safely navigate the bike.

Depending on what discipline the motorcyclist plans to ride, both will require learning and developing the ability to handle the bike. This means being able to handle the bike under many different conditions, because the bike will be operated in the rain, fog and other kinds of weather changes. The rider will have to be able to adapt to the changing weather conditions and still handle the bike skillfully.

A dirt bike rider will have to learn how to handle the bike on hills, going both up and down them. They will have to also learn how to control the bike on loose gravel and through mud. There are many different kinds of terrain the dirt bike rider might find themselves, and they must be able to handle the bike safely on all of them.

Motorcycle Maintenance

Whether a rider owns a basic motorcycle model, or a sophisticated and expensive motocross model, it is necessary they take personal responsibility for the care of the bike. Sure some care is going to be beyond their reach, but not all.

The best way for them to develop the skill to take care and maintain their bike is to learn from someone that already knows how. This is the method a lot of riders used to learn how to care for their motorcycles, but if this is not possible then there are books which can effectively help.

Racing Skills

The only way to get race experience is to watch, participate and examine motorcycle races. The rider's performance will increase proportionately with their race exposure and experience. These can be mock races used for training purposes or video taped races. When the rider is then experienced enough to know what is going on, they can enter some real motorcycle races.

Motorcycle racing is a complex process and a rider that intends on becoming a motocross or super-motocross racer, should work directly with a trainer. This is the course of least resistance and the most cost effective as well.

Physical Conditioning

For both the dirt bike and motocross racer, the regime of riding can be hard on the body. The rider must be in great physical condition to endure and win. Whether it is the length of races, the heat or jumps and bumps, the rider must train to endure the process.

Dirt bike riding and motocross racing is a rugged sport and requires riders to have a decent physical fitness level. This means riders need to engage in a routine that includes strength training, endurance training and flexibility training. All of these disciplines are necessary for good riding and racing skills.

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