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Causes of motorbike accidents

Posted by Julie Smith on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 Under: Guest Motorcycle Articles
The pleasure and thrill of riding on the open road in a motorcycle is unforgettable. It brings a different kind of freedom, fun and excitement for riders. There are no seatbelts to restrict your movement, no feeling of being contained inside. You ride with the wind.

However, nothing is worse than encountering an accident while you are riding a motorcycle. As much as the double pleasure and fun that you get from riding motorcycles instead of a car, injuries and damages tend to be doubly worse if you encounter an accident involving such.

According to statistics of last year, in the United States alone, there had been more than 3,000 fatal and catastrophic motorcycle accidents. In the United Kingdom, the statistics are as terrifying.

It is understandable why every single motorcycle accidents are catastrophic, especially if it is a vehicle versus motorcycle crash accident. With nothing else to absorb the force of impact, motorcycle riders are usually the ones who suffer much.

Now, if you are a motorcycle rider, you not only need to wear and use protective garments and gadgets on yourself and your motorbike. You also need to know the predictable causes of motorcycle accidents. By being aware of the usual incidences, you may be able to prevent an accident from happening, or at least be alert enough to know what to do when you become involved in one.

Usual causes of motorbike crashes and accidents:

Poor maintenance – the most distinctive feature of the motorcycle is its two wheels. It is also the main reason why it is essentially more unstable if compared to cars and trucks. For this reason, the motorcycle need constant and careful maintenance to ensure that it will be safe when ridden out on the open road.
Even a somewhat misaligned tire can potentially cause a catastrophic motorcycle crash. Engine and brake failure is also a potential cause.

As such, constant checking to see if the motorcycle is at its top shape is needed. Replace bald and worn out tires. Always check the engine, brakes and other vital parts of the motorcycle.

If you cannot do the maintenance on your own, make sure to have someone with knowledge about motorcycles, a mechanic even to conduct a regular maintenance check.

Bad roads - treacherous roads that are already dangerous enough for cars and trucks can become fatal for motorcycles. Beware of roads with big potholes, loose gravel and sand.
Motorcycle riders that have no other choice than ride through bad roads must slow down and be alert to avoid accidents.

Road debris – blowouts due to pointed objects littered on the road must be prevented by keeping alert while driving through debris-filled roads.
Beware of oil leaks or spilled oil on the road, too.

Weather – passing through ice or rain is very dangerous for motorcycle riders. Always check the weather conditions before going out for a ride. It is wise judgment to avoid riding when the fog and snow is too thick or when there are torrential rains or heavy downpour.
Under influence of drugs or alcohol – if it is dangerous to be out driving on a car when drunk or loaded with drugs, it is doubly treacherous to ride out in a motorcycle.
Remember, much of the fun and excitement that can be had by motorcycle riding and being responsible and serious enough to be aware of the dangers.

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