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Choosing a motorcycle for work as a motorcycle courier

Posted by Howard Trott on Sunday, November 20, 2016 Under: Motorcycle Couriers
I often get asked which motorcycle is best for motorcycle courier work, my honest answer is there isn't one.
It all depends on what you're comfortable riding, what areas you're going to cover and what you will be transporting.
If you're just going to cover your local area a small motorcycle or scooter will do. If you'll be covering a large area such as the UK, a larger motorcycle will be needed. If you're going to transport bulky items or do multiple drop offs a large capacity motorcycle with panniers is ideal. If you'll be concentrating on delivering small time critical consignments a light fast motorcycle is needed. If you'll be transporting a wide variety of consignments look for something in the middle. It's not rocket science just common sense.

There are plenty of good motorcycles on the market, just take your time shop around, you'll always find a bargain especially in the winter months when the sale of motorcycles is slow. If you know you're way around a motorcycle an auction is a great way of picking up a bargain.

So don't rush and buy the first motorcycle that catches your eye. Think about the things I've mentioned above and always try to test ride the motorcycle being buying it. If you're riding hundreds of miles a day something comfortable is essential, also a reliable motorcycle is a must. Nothing worse than breaking down in the back of beyond and missing your delivery deadline. Take a look at motorcycle reviews on websites, don't be shy and have a chat to a mechanic at you're local motorcycle garage.

For me it's Honda and Triumph but that's only my own personal opinion. Good luck and remember to take your time when choosing. 

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