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Choosing the right motorcycle lift

Posted by Sam Miller on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Under: Motorcycle Accessories
If you´re in the market for a motorcycle lift these a couple simple things you should know. I will be discussing the use of a motorcycle jack which has wheels and is portable so you can move it around the garage. A motorcycle lift table is a large hydraulic table, and both wheels of the motorcycle sit on the table. Most hobby mechanics will be using a personal motorcycle lift, also known as a motorcycle jack. If you need it to store your bike for the winter, restore the motorbike that has been sitting in your garage for years, or just want to swap your tires, a motorcycle jack will make your job easier.

In the past I have used crates, bricks and other random items to get my back wheel propped in the air. When something slips or loses grip, the motorcycle can fall quickly. I haven´t had it fall over yet, but it has come close. The movement of tightening an axle bolt on the rear tire has enough momentum to knock the motorcycle of a weak stand.

That is why for anyone who does their own motorcycle maintenance to buy a motorcycle jack. When it comes to lifting the motorcycle, a personal motorcycle jack will use a foot pump or a pump handle. A safety system to secure the motorcycle is a very useful feature in this kind of jack as things can go wrong if you are not careful.

You might also come across a scissor jack, which uses a crank to raise the motorcycle. I would not recommend this type of jack because the low clearance is not actually very low, and may not even fit under your cruiser, which tend to be lower clearance motorcycles. Scissor jacks will also tend to be bulkier and take up more space. If you haven´t got the biggest garage I would advise choosing a hydraulic scissor jack, usually consisting of only a handle and a base plate, which you can hide away in a corner somewhere. You should keep in mind three important features when shopping for a motorcycle lift. 

A low clearance level when the lift is depressed, and a high maximum level when the lift is at its maximum.

A base plate of more than 16¨is recommended for safety, and it helps if there are securing straps or locking castors as well.

The load bearing weight of the lift should be at least 1200lb, or double the weight of the motorbike. Dont forget to include luggage weight. If you have a motorcycle that is to heavy for the jack you will buy, the seals may blow and you will have a headache replacing them.

Always read customer reviews. They are a valuable source of information and will prepare you with more knowledge about what you want and are looking for in a motorcycle jack.

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