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Cost of hiring a motorcycle courier

Posted by Howard Trott on Sunday, November 27, 2016 Under: Motorcycle Couriers
Like any other service different motorcycle couriers charge different rates and provide varying standards of service. Hiring a cheap motorcycle courier isn't always the best option. There are motorcycle couriers that charge as little as 80p a loaded mile, which means the mileage done while carrying your consignment. With the overheads involved such as fuel, insurance and motorcycle maintenance, to make a profit they must be cutting corners. Such as operating without insurance, having a poorly maintained or cheap motorcycle, bad carrying equipment.

A decent motorcycle courier will charge at least £1.00 a loaded mile. Some charge a pick-up rate, which is the mileage from their base to the pick-up. A waiting charge, which is the time at your premises waiting for the consignment. Others just charge for pick-up and delivery of your consignment. In some cases the list of charges can be endless. When obtaining a quote from a motorcycle courier company, ask them to give you a break-down of all the charges. Also make sure the quote you are given is the total price for the job. Here at Spartan Motorcycle Couriers we just charge for pick-up and delivery of your consignment, there are no other charges.

In this world you get what you pay for. With hiring a cheap motorcycle courier you're running the risk of hiring someone without the proper insurance. Who has a poorly maintained and cheap motorcycle, without proper carrying equipment. The end result being, your consignment not being delivered on time or not being delivered at all, or being damaged in transit.  

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