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Courier delivery from Warrington to Coventry

Posted by Howard Trott on Sunday, September 29, 2019 Under: Courier Service
Had a call from Jones Nuttall in Warrington who needed a same day delivery of a part to MTC in coventry. They needed it delivering as soon as possible. Once we sorted payment out it was just a case of getting ready and heading off. I always keep a list of what I need to take just in case I forget something.

Once everything was sorted and had everything I needed I got on my green machine and off I went. The pick up was only 5 miles away and the roads were pretty clear. The hardest part was when I was at the Jones Nuttall depot and trying to pick up the part I had to transport. I went from office to office until I finally get to the right person. With the boxed part in my hand I headed back to the bike. Got on the bike and and headed towards the motorway.

On the way to the motorway I was heading down a main road, saw a granny in a car on a side road, she was looking straight at me so thought she had seem me. Not a chance she pulled out in front of me, had to swerve around her to avoid going over her car bonnet. Got on the motorway which was quite congested with traffic, there were roadworks and speed restrictions which always happens on UK motorways. Cut through all the traffic and managed to get out of the mess. Further on had the same problem, the M6 near Birmingham is always a pain in the backside and this time was no different. There were long tail backs of traffic as far as the eye could see. Managed to cut through the traffic for the 8 miles. When I got to the front of the traffic there was traffic police and the motorway had been closed off. 2 lorries had collided and were positioned across the motorway. There was 1 lane clear but they hadn't sectioned it off yet. While I was waiting a few other bikers had came to the front of the traffic so I got off my bike and had a chat with one of them while I was waiting. 


I was watching a police officer who had cones in her hands and was walking up and down the lane without putting any down. This is this last thing you need when you have a delivery to make. Finally they sectioned it off and waved us to go through. I had a clear stretch of motorway and pulled back on the throttle to make up for lost time. The rest of the journey was uneventful. The commercial estate this company was on was just off the motorway  which was handy. MTC the company I was delivering the parts to had 4 huge office complexes. Used my common sense and stopped at the biggest, there was yellow lines everywhere so couldn't park up so decided to pull up on a pavement area near the building. Next minute a security guard came out and told me I couldn't park there. He was a nice fella and a fellow bike and told me he'd raise the security gate so I could get into the private car park. When I finally got into the building and got to reception was told I had to deliver the parts to the building on the far side of the estate. Well got back on my bike and off I went, the bloke I was delivering to waved me down when I was approaching the far building. Gave him the parts, got a signature and informed James Nuttall I had delivered their parts. Job done, now I was looking forward to the ride home. 

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