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Posted by Mark Nolan on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 Under: Courier Service
Courier Delivery Services UK. The modern age of technology and business has made life considerably easier. Courier delivery services are a good example of this. Delivering packages of all sizes and shapes, these delivery services have a definite advantage over traditional snail mail.

The idea of a courier is not new. Back in the ages of ancient civilizations, it was very common to see homing pigeons, horsemen and runners across the countryside, all trying to get a message from point A to point B. These runners would travel the entire distance at a steady pace so that their package could get delivered. To this day, there are still several marathons which trace the same roots as these messengers.

Of course, couriers today rarely travel by foot. There are a wide variety of methods of sending a certain something by courier, with all modes of transport being used. A few most commonly used are:

Bicycle or motorbike - used in cities where traffic can inhibit trucks and walking is just too slow.

Delivery trucks and railway - used to carry packages cross-country, or even across borders.

Aeroplanes - the fastest way to travel long distances, delivery services were revolutionized by the aircraft. Able to travel anywhere in the world within a day and easy to track, this is the best way to send a package.

All these transports provide a faster delivery, and thus less waiting for mail. The fact that an airplane travels at several hundred miles per hour means that an international delivery can take several hours in some cases. This speed is an obvious advantage to sending via courier, and is their chief selling point. A large number of businesses across the US rely on them to get files delivered on time.

Besides the short delivery time, couriered mail has other benefits. When you post something by normal mail, it is susceptible to theft. Because of the lower security of such services, people shy away from delivering valuable items by normal mail, such as jewelry or antiques. With a courier service, security is a high priority. Obviously if something is being hand delivered, it has much less chance of being stolen.

Furthermore, most companies employ some sort of tracking method. A code is assigned to your package and you can trace exactly where the delivery has been at any point in time. This allows you to monitor the progress until your parcel reaches the desired location. If any problems do occur, you will know about it and will be able to hold somebody or something accountable.

Many courier companies also accommodate strange or special delivery requirements. Oddly shaped, oddly sized packages are assigned to applicable modes of transport. Fragile goods are treated with care and everything is insured. One specialized branch of couriering is organ delivery. Couriers must keep the organs refrigerated, travel long distances quickly and ensure no damage arises.

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