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Posted by Darren Smith on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Under: Courier Service
If you're a firm which is in need of services of a courier company then how would you choose a courier company? With so many courier companies in the market it becomes quite difficult to select one that make sure that your needs are met. Generally you would want a courier services provider that will give reliable services at cheap freight.

Thus it becomes important to understand the factors that determine the chargers of a freight or courier company. As the lesser the chargers of a courier company more are the chances are that they find potential clients for your company.

So let's see one by one the factor affecting the prices of a freight company.

First is the distance to be covered from the sender of the courier or the parcel to the person on the receiving end. Along with the distance involved in shipping of the goods, the other basic factor used in pricing the shipment is the freight class used by the courier companies.

Then the next considering factors are many surcharges for specific types of equipment or services which add onto the rate a company charges. How ever the distance and the freight class are two key aspects in the process of working out the freights for any given shipment by a courier company.

In order to evaluate the freight class of the courier the service provider will find out the weight of your shipment, the size of the package, and then look in to if it would be difficult to move the shipped goods. For this they will consider whether special loading equipment or additional loaders are needed to load or unload the cargo, and also if the goods to be couriered are tagged fragile then the freight prices increase.

All this is significant simply because the weight and size are fundamental in knowing the space requirement in the vehicle to the transport the goods to its destination. In case the shipment is huge and entire truck or vehicle is dedicated to such a shipment, the charges will be more the shipment where in various parcels can be confided in to the same truck. Thus the weight and size will also affect the amount of goods can be fitted in to the vehicle, as well as the fuel consumption, making these important factors in calculating the charges of freight by the courier company to get your goods to their destination.

The freight class makes it easy for courier companies to provide instant information about the courier freight charges. In fact they are very helpful in making online shipments quotes to its costumers. However, if you want faster delivery of your goods or if you want to avail the services of a courier company during a holiday or after hours then you must be ready to pay an increased freight charges. But always remember as a customer it's your right to ask for any information relating to the courier freight from the service provider in case you are not sure about it.

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