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Couriers - The most dangerous time to drive

Posted by Howard Trott on Friday, October 5, 2018 Under: Courier Work
The leading motor manufacturers have taken a number of steps to improve vehicle safety in recent years. However, the majority of drivers are aware that it is impossible to guarantee complete road safety, and too many people lose their lives in road accidents every day. People working for courier businesses spend great periods of time behind the wheel so need to be extra vigilant with their driving habits. However, it is worth bearing in mind the risks are especially high at specific times.

The Afternoon Rush

A considerable proportion of crashes occur between five pm and seven pm. That's because drivers are making their way back from work during this period. They often experience tiredness following long days of work so may be unable to maintain total concentration on the road. As a courier, you not only have to bear in mind your physical state, but that of others on the road as well.

Early Morning Dangers

Statistics have shown that motorists are also more likely to have accidents during the early hours of the morning. That's because it is natural for the body to switch off at this time of day and most people would much rather be tucked up in bed than navigating the highways. Some drivers choose to consume caffeinated drinks as a means of ensuring that they don't fall asleep, however it is worth remembering the energy boost lasts only a fairly limited period.

The Effect Of Clock Changes

Insurance providers are quite used to receiving calls from unfortunate motorists who have succumbed to an accident in the weeks immediately preceding and following the switch in daylight saving hours. The main reason is that motorists have difficulty making the adjustment to changes in the level of light. This may be a problem for drivers who are used to making courier deliveries in the early morning or evening.

Weekend Risks

A relatively high percentage of accidents happen on Saturdays. That's partly because there are a higher number of motorists on the road, making weekend trips away or shopping. Another reason is that there are more young drivers out and about at this time of the week. They are more likely to exceed the speed limits and chat on mobile phones while behind the wheel. The good news is there are a number of initiatives to improve road safety awareness among this demographic.

Winter-time Hazards

People working for courier businesses will certainly not be surprised to discover that there is a greater risk of accidents during the winter. This is because the roads become icy and visibility is generally bad at this time of year. The best advice is to stay indoors when the weather deteriorates. However, professional delivery drivers aren't usually given this option. That's why the purchase of vehicle insurance is highly recommended.

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