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Delivery of personal items to Poole Dorset

Posted by Howard Trott on Monday, August 13, 2018 Under: Motorcycle Couriers
Had a call on Saturday from a gentleman who needed personal items picked up from Warrington and delivered same day to Poole in Dorset. The items being delivered included passports a couple of items of jewellery and some clothing.

Arranged everything over the phone then got my gear together. As I pointed out in a previous post it's good to have a checklist of what you have to take with you. Nothing worse than forgetting something and not noticing until you are miles into the job. Saves time and more importantly money.

Got on my green machine and off I went. It was a hot day, the sun was beating down and with being a Saturday I knew the roads were going to be busy. Especially the M6, where there are always roads works and speed restrictions of 50mph. Getting out of Warrington was bad enough, the traffic was chock a block. For my foreign friends reading this it means full of traffic.

Cut my way out of Warrington but it was no better on motorway. Full of lorries, people going away for the weekend and out for the day. Plenty of caravans being towed, people thinking about enjoying themselves and not concentrating on the road. Had a few plonkers turn onto another lane without signalling. I'm use to it and know what's going to happen before it does.

Got a lot worse when I reached the M6. As I thought there was plenty of road works and the traffic was at a stand still. Did my usual and cut through the traffic. Some car drivers are good and give you more room others don't give a damn or are in a world of their own. As for lorries they are not bothered as who is going to argue with something that size.  

Cut through traffic for miles and until I couldn't go any further. The police had closed part of the motorway due to an accident. A lorry had lost it's cargo, thankfully it was just a car so shouldn't take long for the emergency services to sort it out. Needed to answer a call of nature but was surrounded by vehicles and some people had got out of their cars so I had no chance. Nothing worse than being decked out in leathers and wanting to use the bathroom. 

Thankfully it didn't take long for the motorway to get cleared. Cranked my machine and off I went, no 50mph restrictions on this stretch so got away from traffic and pulled over on the hard shoulder. In this country you are not suppose to stop here unless there is an emergency. I suppose mine was in a manner of speaking. Its not exactly safe parking on the hard shoulder either. There have been instances where vehicles have lost control and gone into people. Got off my machine and ran up the bank and went behind a bush. I must of looked a right sight, well enough of the bathroom talk. Back on my machine and back to business.

The rest of my motorway journey was relatively free from restrictions. Left motorway and got on the B roads. These were pretty clear and easily got passed any traffic.  At this point it decided to rain heavy, from steaming sunshine to rain, only happens in the UK. 

Reached Poole which is a lovely place, no litter or crap. They have no litter signs everywhere. Had a large hill to descend which came onto a road by a beach, then a large hill going up. It brought me out to a lovely residential area, large detached houses in their own grounds. I was only a mile from my destination so knew I'd be delivering to one of these. Pulled up outside a large detached house with huge front gates. They knew I was coming so the gates were unlocked. Walked up to the door but had no door bell. Knocked on door which was answered by a friendly face. He shook  my hand, I handed him the package then he signed for it. He was a nice fella and offered me a drink and a snack which I declined. We said our goodbyes, got on my bike and was looking forward to the ride home.

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