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Finding a quality Medical Courier

Posted by Monte O'Hara on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Under: Medical Courier
Medical Couriers Warrington. When it comes to transporting medical specimens, blood products, sensitive records and X-rays, finding a quality medical courier is nearly as critical as the care that is provided by the Warrington clinics and hospitals that contract with the Medical Couriers.

Hospitals, doctors' offices, clinics and other specialty medical centers have lab specimens, patient records and other items that need to be sent from one location to another in a timely fashion usually on a daily basis. Since couriers who transport these sensitive and sometimes urgent packages must have some special qualifications to do so, locating the best service in the area that has qualified couriers can be important to the overall functioning of the medical centers in an area.

Finding a local courier service that can transport medical items can be done by doing an Internet search of your area, or asking other medical facilities about their courier can yield a short list of possible couriers that can get your job done. Many couriers will market directly to medical facilities, so following up on a call or visit from a courier can also be a way of connecting with the services in the area.

When contracting with a medical courier, there are some questions to ask to make certain that you are hiring a quality service. One question is about the routes that the company has in place to accommodate possibly multiple deliveries per day. A dedicated route that includes each of the locations that are important should be mapped out.

Another question is how many couriers possess the proper clearances and certifications that are needed to transport the type of goods that are needed. Having drivers who are HIPAA qualified, blood borne pathogen trained and tested and any possess other specific training that is needed for items like medical instrument transport speaks to the quality of the courier service.

A check of the types of vehicles available from vans to trucks and those with refrigeration as an option can provide the necessary information to decide if the courier is able to meet the needs of your medical facility. Another aspect of the courier is the safety records of the drivers and vehicles. If there have been any upgrades or violations for safety concerns or driver's records being out of compliance can point to the quality of that courier.

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