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Forest Heritage Scenic Byway – Asheville Best for Motorcycle Ride

Posted by Dewayne Jasper on Monday, April 7, 2014 Under: Guest Motorcycle Articles

If you've ever had the pleasure of passing through or even visiting Asheville, NC, you'll understand that the surrounding mountains and scenery are simply magnificent. For thousands of years, the area has hosted a plethora of vegetation and wildlife in its natural state. Once the town of Asheville was established, neighboring communities began to immediately offer travelers a multitude of activities, from mountain biking and skiing to rock climbing and hiking. But you don't have to leave your motorcycle in order to have a thrilling trip, because the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway and connecting highways do a great job of providing the entertainment

At just 79 miles, the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway may not be one of the lengthier scenic rides around the country, but every inch of its existence aims to serve your heart-pumping desires. The highway loops through the Pisgah Ranger District and connects travelers with a heavy, natural landscape through each of its twisting turns. Motorcyclists will enjoy the ride more-so than any other motorist on the road, as the Scenic Byway lends itself perfectly as a race-bred stretch of road. Unlike other mountain roads found out West and up North, the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway is open year round. It rarely gets snowed in, although temperatures will dip into the teens and 20s during the winter.

Crossing the Blue Ridge Parkway at times, the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway connects multiple North Carolina highway systems in order to offer riders a complete gateway to any state path they may choose. While it's suggested to experience the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway in all of its glory, riders can choose many alternate roads once they've completed the 79-mile loop. This connection to the North Carolina highway system is what makes the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway a must-ride for motorcycle enthusiasts, but riders will also become closer to the road and their machine through the twisting, mountainous terrains offered by the Byway. For first-time travelers, it's certainly much more of a rush than you'll find most anywhere else!

Riders should be aware that the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway area can often bring thunderstorms and heavy rain to the area, therefore packing accordingly should be a top priority for any road trip to the area. Of course, there are plenty of lodging and camping options for the area, and you certainly don't want to get stuck in a nasty electrical storm while you visit. The Icon Patrol weatherproof jacket is a snug fit for those rainy days, and it's light and flexible enough to allow sport bike riders and softail enthusiasts a similar comfort level. 

Plan smart, because the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway can be a memorable trip if weather permits. Of course, a little rain and dark clouds never hurt anyone, but thunderstorms and heavy snowfall can greatly impact a motorcyclist's ride. The Forest Heritage Scenic Byway is your true blue southern mountain highway, and it really doesn't get much better than this! Check out nearby towns and communities for the best experience while you visit, because you never know what adventures you'll find.

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