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Posted by Howard Trott on Saturday, December 23, 2017 Under: Medical Courier
Healthcare Sector Motorbike Courier UK. Spartan Motorcycle Couriers provide a same-day, next-day dedicated medical motorcycle courier service to the UK Healthcare sector including secure collection and delivery of pathological specimens, EBME, sterile equipment for CSSDs, internal mail, and confidential medical records. Motorcycle couriers are advanced motorcycle riders and SIA security licenced. 

We also find that customers are often surprised at the real efficiencies and cost-savings that can be achieved by consolidating multiple routes and deliveries. For instance, if an NHS Trust works with a number of different suppliers to deliver internal mail and collection services and external courier services, this would need an extensive degree of co-ordination in order for it to be run successfully. We take care of it all, so your valuable time can be spent on patient care.

Our services

NHS Supply Chain - Helping our customer manage stock levels and provide timely replenishments to depots/hospitals/Trusts across its region.

Pathology - At Spartan Motorcycle Couriers, we provide a next day or often a same-day dedicated courier service to the UK Healthcare sector secure collection and delivery of pathological specimens, EBME, sterile equipment for CSS Ds, internal mail, and confidential medical records.

Internal & External Mail - We provide a reliable mailroom services including internal mail delivery for customers. Value-added mailroom services prove to be a time-saving resource for our customers as they don’t have to divert existing staff away from specific clinical and care tasks to organise internal mail deliveries between sites. 

Transporting blood samples - Is never simple, but our specimen courier service can help prevent delays, financial losses and ensure that results are never compromised. We have over three decades of experience in the healthcare sector, which means that we know all of the challenges and obstacles associated with blood transport and other healthcare transport solutions. Thanks to our experience with the transportation of blood, you can rest assured that our blood courier service will mean that all of your shipments will arrive on time and intact.

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Spartan Motorcycle Couriers Spartan Motorcycle Couriers are same day delivery specialists of Parcels, Packages, Documents, Medical Samples and Cremated Remains. We provide Same Day Motorbike Couriers in Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool, Merseyside, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, North Wales, North West England and across the UK.


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