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How to make a profit from Courier Work

Posted by Sarah Arrow on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Under: Courier Work
If you have a same day courier business or are looking to start one up, profitable work is likely to be one of the things high on your agenda. There are all sorts of things that a courier can actually deliver. A courier service that wants to service and maintain their vehicles, pay their staff and their fuel bills etc needs to have a sustainable business. So what customers or what type of courier work is the most profitable?

  • Local runs
  • Long distance jobs
  • Specialist jobs
Local delivery jobs are good for a courier looking to increase their local customer base. As they are local you can complete more of them throughout the day and therefore become profitably quickly. The downside is that there will be more wear and tear on your vehicle when you complete local delivery work so you need to factor that in to your prices when you look for this type of work.

Long distance jobs can be profitable for a courier especially if they can get a return load back to their home area. Make a point of calling courier companies in your delivery drop area so they know to contact you if they have a load going your way.

Specialist delivery jobs can also be profitable to a courier. Jobs such as delivering dangerous goods (when correctly licensed) can pay a premium as this type of courier service is rare, so do your research and see what type of specialist courier services are required.

Whatever delivery work you have locally, nationally or specialist remember to calculate your costs and expenses correctly so you do not underquote on your prices, if you fail to calculate your costs properly you will quickly eat into any reserve that you have built into your business.

Good luck sourcing you more profitable courier work!

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