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Keeping your motorcycle safe

Posted by Howard Trott on Wednesday, February 3, 2016 Under: Motorcycle Security
Keep your motorcycle safe. The more security you have on your motorcycle, the better. Invest in a security device and always use it. Regardless of the type of security device you choose, whether it be disc locks, security chains, or U-bolts, they will only be effective if used. Taking the device with you when riding may seem inconvenient, but it is not as inconvenient as having your motorbike stolen. Ensure you keep the keys with you at all times.
Purchase an immobiliser, preferably one that is approved by your insurance company. Use an alarm together with an immobiliser. The alarm will draw attention to a potential thief, while the immobiliser will prevent them from stealing the motorbike. Cover your motorbike if at all possible. Do not leave items such as helmets or other possessions with your bike.

Security marking.  Mark/identify various parts of your bike.

Consider having your motorbike’s registration number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etched onto all glass surfaces, including headlamps. These numbers can be linked to police-approved recognised security databases.
Property-mark bike parts with your postcode or registration number, using an ultra violet marker pen. Keep a record of the parts you’ve marked. Marked items can be used as hard evidence against a thief, if they are caught with them, and are hard to sell on. It will also increase the owner’s chance of getting the bike back if stolen and then recovered.

Secure parking

Most motorbikes are stolen when they are picked up and taken away in another vehicle, with chains still intact. To help prevent this, try to use a designated motorbike parking space, with stand and security loop, or secure your bike to something that cannot be moved. Try to park in a car park which is displaying the Park Mark logo. This ensures that the car park has passed specific security checks.
Check to see that there is sufficient CCTV and lighting available.

Securing you bike at home

As motorbikes are sometimes removed from the owner's garage, consider investing in a ground anchor for increased security. Fit strong locks and remember to lock the garage. Don't leave any keys on view in your home or in an obvious place. Keep them away from doors, windows and catflaps. If keys can be seen from outside, the opportunist thief could access them through openings such as letterboxes or break into your home to get to them.

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