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Mars (MA) Motorcycles (Germany 1903-1957)

Posted by Howard Trott on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 Under: German Motorcycles
Mars built Fafnir and Zedel-engined motorcycles before World War One, but was most famous for the 986cc (6cu in) white Mars of 1920.

'Mars' motorcycle by Claus Franzenberg, design of 1920 , year of construction 1926, manufacturer: Mars-Werke, Nuremberg.

The big flat-twin engine was supplied by Maybach and there was a two-speed gearbox and leg guards. German inflation killed it, but Mars was revived as MA with a variety of bought-in engines, concentrating in the 1930's on Sachs-powered mopeds and clip-ons. Despite being called the 'White Mars' the motorcycles were also available in red and green.

It used Sachs engines of up to 198cc/12cu inches up to the end for its well made lightweights and mopeds.  

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