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Medical and Laboratory Specimen Couriers London

Posted by Sharon Trott on Sunday, February 4, 2024 Under: Medical Courier
Medical and Laboratory Specimen Couriers London. While some labs and medical facilities prefer to handle their own specimen deliveries with an in-house fleet, others outsource the London medical logistics services to an independent shipping and delivery company. With safe delivery being the primary concern with shipping these specimens, it can be difficult to entrust their delivery to a third party. However, package delivery companies know the importance of these items and offer a chain of custody that ensures safe delivery. This eliminates worries of specimens arriving damaged or unusable.


When choosing a third party London delivery service to transport and deliver medical and lab specimens, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to following all necessary rules and regulations. Delivery personnel get trained in OSHA regulations and requirements to ensure that procedure gets followed properly.


Knowing that some medical deliveries, such as transplant organs, have a short window for transport, an emphasis is on speedy delivery for specimens as well as medical equipment. Such dedication to speed and efficiency is possible with a dedicated service area for deliveries.


Labs shipping specimens do not need to worry about contamination or spills as every precaution gets taken to prevent such a thing from happening. Delivery riders do not want to clean up a spill any more than labs want to re-do specimens. In fact, puncture proof containers get used so that even in an accident, the medical and lab specimens stay safe. Medical Couriers London.

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