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Medical product motorcycle courier

Posted by Howard Trott on Sunday, November 5, 2017 Under: Medical Courier
Medical product courier UK

Spartan Motorcycle Couriers are a major supplier of courier transport services to UK medical service companies.

From urgent blood samples to medication and medical instruments, Spartan Motorcycle Couriers have the riders and motorcycles specially equipped to cope with transporting these delicate consignments across the UK. No matter what the medical instrument, we can offer a fast, safe, secure, motorcycle courier service. 

Our couriers are specially trained to care for these instruments, and have various packing and padding materials.

Spartan Motorcycle Couriers riders are extremely experienced in handling these specialist items. We work closely together with our customers to ensure all deliveries are carried out to the highest quality at all times.

Why choose Spartan Motorcycle Couriers?

If you run a medical supplies business, you need couriers that can handle your products properly.

It's vital that medical equipment and supplies are moved as quickly and securely as possible. Whether it's down the road to the local clinic or up the country to a major teaching hospital, medical businesses need reliable couriers.

Essential Courier Services

We all know how crucial it is that medical supplies and equipment are transported quickly and carefully. Couriers could make the difference between life and death, particularly if they are carrying blood supplies or urgently-needed machinery. Most medical equipment is delicate and the slightest damage could impair the way it works, which is why hospitals, laboratories and medical supply companies choose only the best couriers to handle deliveries like these:

Medical Equipment

Whether it's a small machine that's coming straight from the manufacturer's production line to a hospital ward, or a piece of test equipment that's being moved between laboratories, Spartan Motorcycle Couriers provide couriers who are competent at loading, transporting and unloading medical equipment without anything going wrong. That's why medical companies choose our advanced motorcycle riders on high performance motorcycles. We also offer the knowledge and willingness to unpack at the other end to ensure everything is exactly as it should be.

Medical Supplies

Not all clinics or labs have the right testing or prescription facilities to hand. In some cases, requesting medicine by courier or asking couriers to take blood samples to the nearest laboratory can help to speed up diagnosis and treatment. Couriers need to be able to collect and deliver quickly - and at any time of the day or night if they want to be used by the medical industry on a regular basis. Spartan Motorcycle Couriers offer a 24 hour service as standard so our clients can rest assured we are always on hand to move their urgent consignments.

If you're looking for someone to handle your medical equipment or supply delivery, Spartan Motorcycle Couriers have the specialist knowledge and experience to help you maintain your reputation with your customers. After all, if your couriers let you down, you could lose the client's business and your reputation may suffer. We take great pride in working closely with you to ensure that all your medical delivery requirements are met and to ensure our service levels are of the highest standard.

Spartan Motorcycle Couriers has been helping clients with letter, package and goods deliveries since 2012 and has established a reputation for reliable and flexible customer service. Offering a range of courier services, including Urgent Same Day Delivery, Overnight Services, Medical and Technical Delivery, Spartan Motorcycle Couriers can handle your requirements no matter what you need.

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