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Medical Shipping

Posted by Paul Duffy on Saturday, February 2, 2019 Under: Medical Courier
The medical courier industry is a strange sector, because it in many ways combines the terminology and business practices of two different industries in one. While courier best practices may dictate much of how a medical courier service does business, there is also much of the medical and health care industry apparent throughout the day to day operations of a medical courier.

One area where this is especially true is in the terminology that is used in the medical courier industry. Because this is a type of courier which exists specifically to support health care facilities, many of the terms used are based on that industry, rather than on the courier side of things. A good example of this is the term STAT. While it might be very common to hear in a hospital, it would almost certainly never be used by a non-medical courier company.

When a medical courier offers something called STAT service, it might also be simply called emergency service. This is similar to the emergency service that would be offered by any non-medical courier. It just means that they are going to make the delivery as fast as possible. They will dispatch a vehicle to make the pickup and delivery immediately, with no secondary pickups, deliveries, or route deviations.

Using the term STAT to describe this type of service comes from the use of that term within a hospital. When something is requested STAT in a health care facility it simply means to do it as fast as you possibly can. When dealing with situations where peoples' lives fall in the balance, speed can often be critically important. This term is used to indicate when that importance is at its highest.

STAT courier options for delivery are typically going to cost more than a regular medical delivery. This again mirrors the courier industry as a whole very closely. Any time a dedicated vehicle is being used to make only one delivery and when speed is of the highest importance, it is then that the cost of the delivery is going to go up. However, in the case of STAT service, this isn't something that people often worry about due to the critical nature of the delivery.

Common examples of STAT shipments include things like blood for transfusions, samples taken for testing, or drugs for treatment. STAT shipping is often used to provide support in the event of natural disasters when supplies may become in short supply.

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