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Posted by Karl Young on Sunday, August 26, 2018 Under: Motorcycle Couriers
You will find many van couriers along the M62 or M1, how often do you see a motorbike courier?

Motorbike Couriers can travel long distances and in less time than any van or car, so why don't we see more of them on the road each day? couriers have the ability to filter through traffic and be agile whilst being secure giving them a good advantage over the white van man. In some cases bike couriers have been able to deliver a package in under a third of the time it would of taken a standard van to do!

Motorbike Couriers are a niche in the courier industry with many couriers not offering the service, however some couriers specialise in only using motorbike couriers. Spartan Motorcycle Couriers is one of them, offering highly trained advanced motorbike riders on high performance bikes. We have bikes available all day everyday, we are aware of our customers needs and can deliver what we promise through our motorcycle couriers.

Late tender documents, medical samples are a speciality of our motorbike couriers, delivering many packages up and down the UK. If you have a late tender document or medical sample and you need to get it to a destination as soon as possible there is no better way than a bike courier.

We deliver a wide range of packages including keys, passports, letters, documents, parcels, medical samples, parts, blood, cremation ashes.

Have you noticed a boom in alternative niche courier services has hit London and the UK, taxi firms doubling up as couriers, cyclists becoming couriers and 'Marathon' couriers running through the cities to bring you good we would have originally delivered.

It is just progress and evolution of the industry or is it pressure on overheads, ethical and environmental are standing out amongst an overcrowded industry. Whatever it is that made the motorcycle couriers stand out amongst brands and firms has disappeared a bit, in a hyper competitive environment is being forgotten the way the motorbike couriers perfrom in the city centres.

Yes motorbike couriers are the best form of transport for long distant journeys but whatever happened to bike couriers dominance in the city centres? I have been on a lot of forums these past few weeks reading about motorbike couriers complaining about the lack of 'quick jobs for quick cash' as it's called.

Has the motorbike courier industry stopped fighting and now some firms just want to make quick cash. I believe we are still dominant amongst city centres due to our ability to change and adapt to any situation, rain, traffic, road closures. Any situation that arises we are able to change our route effortlessly.

Filtering through traffic is something many of the city centre couriers can't do. Come rain or shine motorbike couriers are able to deliver unlike many of the niche city courier services.

I still believe that the motorbike couriers in the UK are still the best form of transport of same day deliveries in city centres and Spartan Motorcycle Couriers are the best in the business.   

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