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Motorbike Security

Posted by Howard Trott on Friday, February 2, 2018 Under: Motorcycle Security
Motorbikes are stolen for the same reason that we ride them, they’re smaller and less cumbersome than cars, they’re fast and fun machines and some are worth a lot of money. Some are stolen for parts, some are stolen for a joy ride and the problem is they are quite easy to steal. If you’ve ever been out on a ride with your friends, at least one of them has tried to wheel away or move your motorbike for a laugh. Motorcycle theft can be as simple as that, especially when you hear this shocking statistic. Less than half all the motorcycles in the UK are locked up or protected with anti-theft devices. So don’t give the thieves a chance. 

Alarms and Immobilisers

Sadly in this day and age, you can hear a million alarms go off and you probably wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow, in fact many of us have blocked the sound out altogether and wouldn’t even hear one if it was ringing. Having said that, it’s always a wise idea to have a manufacturer and insurance approved alarm system fitted, firstly because alarms can still grab attention and secondly, they can lower your insurance premium.

When it comes to fitting these systems, it’s worth getting an approved factory technician to install them. You don’t want to have to deal with dodgy wiring that renders your security system useless and drains your battery at the same time.

Of course, an able thief will be able to overcome an alarm and immobiliser but having one fitted should deter any amateurs. For the best results, combine your alarm and immobiliser with a decent chain or bike lock.

Locks and Chains

The chain is the obvious choice and quite rightly so. Firstly, the presence of a chain should act as a deterrent if nothing else. A good quality lock and chain combo, attached correctly can stop even the most able thieves in their tracks.

To attach a chain properly make sure you properly secure it to solid object, such as a parking anchor, lamp post or telegraph pole. You should also take the time to wrap the chain around the frame of the bike rather than just the wheel – many thieves target bikes for parts and have no problems with leaving a wheel behind.

Lastly, make sure that the chain is wrapped as tightly as possible; you don’t want to leave any room for a thief to be able to maneuver an object through the chain that could give them leverage, causing the lock or a chain link to break.

Disc locks can be useful but professional thieves can deal with them. They usually work great but it’s better to use them in conjunction with other security measures. The more you have, the less likely you’ll be targeted.

Locks and chains are the most obvious deterrents but the main problem is transporting them around, you really shouldn’t carry these things in your pockets, around your waist or even in a rucksack – if you take a tumble, you’ll really feel it. Buy specific motorcycle security devices rather than general ones as these will come with attachable carry cases or they’ll be designed in universal shapes that allow your bike to carry them so you don’t have to.

Security Marking

If you can mark any parts of your motorcycle with your own individual registration number or postcode then you’ll have a better chance of getting your bike (or at least some of it) returned to you. There are a few ways of doing this and recommend you do at least one or a combination of them.

Firstly, you can always invest in a UV marker pen. They’re cheap to buy and easy to use; you simply write your registration number, postcode or vehicle identification number anywhere you can. If you ever need to prove that the bike is yours, you can put the bike under a UV light and the truth will out.

There are more sophisticated tools to do this and we recommend a brand named Smartwater. Smartwater may look like a mascara. It’s a liquid formula which contains particles that form a unique security code that can only be seen under UV light.

If in doubt, you can always go the whole hog and use Datatag. Datatag is a widely respected security method that etches a number into components and inserting tiny microchips into the motorcycle itself. It’s a clever system and worth considering.

You could always use Datatool Trakking, a clever GPS enabled movement tracker that begins transmitting the bikes location should it venture out of its pre-determined comfort zone. If your bike is stolen, the police will be alerted and the Trakking system will tell the police where they need to go. It’s an expensive method but it’ll take more than an angle grinder to dupe it.

Sensible Parking

If you’ve got a garage, use it, it’s as simple as that. That’s not to say that a determined thief won’t try though, so make sure you chain your bike up, even when you think it’s parked securely. If you don’t have a garage, try keeping your bike somewhere that will make a thief think twice, somewhere you can easily see it and also think about investing in a ground anchor. Ground anchors are designed to be rock solid and easy to attach a chain too, all you have to do is select the best location – preferably one that won’t get in your way – no one likes to stub their toe.

When anchors and garages are unavailable, try to park your motorcycle somewhere public, somewhere visible and somewhere well lit. A good thief likes nothing more than dark, secluded areas. Keep your motorcycle in the light at nighttime, it’ll save you hassle later on.

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