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Posted by Howard Trott on Sunday, March 9, 2014 Under: Motorcycle Couriers
The nice weather is nearly upon us and as usual we are starting to receive phone calls and emails from people wanting to work as motorcycle couriers. We have stated on the website that we are not looking for any staff due to the fact that we undertake all the work ourselves. Motorcycle courier work is not seasonal, we have delivered consignments with thick ice and snow covering the roads which makes riding interesting to say the least especially when your in the countryside scaling a steep hill and your motorcycle develops a mind of its own. As stated in a previous post London is the place to go if you want to work full time as a motorcycle courier. But think carefully before you take the leap, you have to be a decent rider to last and have a good knowledge of the area. A sat nav is no good as the company you work for will expect you to take the shortest route and we all know how a sat nav can perform. You'll only get paid for the mileage the company sets out for each job, so if you end up going the long way you won't get paid for the extra mileage. If you can rent a motorcycle from the company it will help otherwise you'll end up wrecking your motorcycle. So you might like the idea of riding a motorcycle in the sunshine who doesn't but think carefully before you become a motorcycle courier. If your not good enough you'll be out of pocket and might even wreck your bike.

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