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Motorcycle riding tips for women

Posted by Howard Trott on Thursday, April 13, 2017 Under: Motorcycle Riding Tips For Women
Ride Comfortably – Whatever motorbike you choose, it’s imperative that you’re comfortable on it. This sounds easy enough, but a lot of women ignore this advice and think that they will be OK even though they may feel a little awkward on the motorbike they’ve chosen. Having the right fitting motorbike will give you the confidence that you need to go anywhere. If you’re at all out of sorts and not feeling comfortable on your ride, you’re far more likely to make bad judgement calls. If it’s too tall, consider getting a lowering kit or boots with a slight heel so that you can sit flat footed. Ask yourself honestly which motorbike will be most comfortable for you: touring, sport, off-road, etc.

Dress Comfortably — Whether you shop at a motorbike shop or online, make sure that the item(s) feel great both on and off the motorbike. Remember that they will feel quite differently once you sit down in a riding position. An ill-fitting outfit can make a big difference as to how you handle the motorbike.

Improve Your Skills — Take a riding course. Many towns and cities in the UK offer riding classes for beginners as well as for advanced riders. You may also be able to take an off-road course that can teach you skills in case you decide to take your motorbike off road or you get caught in an unexpected situation that takes you onto rough roads.

Pack Light — Saddle bags, tank bags and top boxes are all good accessories but don’t overdo it by packing too much. One change of clothes, toiletries, maps, snacks, camera and perhaps camping gear are all you really need when you get on the road. As with all travel, the less you carry, the more agile you’ll be. You’ll have less to pack up on your motorbike and fewer items to carry in and out of a hotel or into your campsite.

Know Where You’re Going — You may not have your full trip mapped out in advance but each night, take a look at your route and get to know a little bit about the terrain and region you’ll be travelling through the next day. If using a sat nav, make sure it is working correctly. Knowing the weather forecast will also help you prepare in having the right gear ready for the day. Having said this, be open to taking things as they come. You might meet other riders on the road and want to travel with a group for a while. Perhaps you’ll get a tip on a place of interest that you want to check out or you might get pointed towards a twisting road that you hadn’t planned on. Go with the flow if it feels right and enjoy the ride.

Take a Break — Know your riding limit. Some women may only feel comfortable riding for a few hours while others may want or need to travel long distances. In either case, take a break when you need it. For me, I like to stop every hour and a half. While this might seem excessive, it gives me time to rest up, grab a tea or some water, understand where I am on the map and move forward. 

The Route — Decide in advance whether you want to spend the majority of time on country roads or motorways where you can cover more distance in a shorter period of time. Keep in mind that the scenery won’t be as interesting but you’ll get to your destination far faster.

Know The Basics — It wouldn’t be an adventure if something didn’t go wrong. However, you can be prepared by carrying spare parts and a manual. If you’re riding in a foreign country, you may be able to find a manual in that country’s language and also a list of dealerships throughout the country in which you’re travelling. If you can problem solve a fuel issue, dead battery or light outage, you’ll be ahead of the game and won’t panic. If something does go wrong, in all likelihood you’ll easily find someone who can help you out. The easy alternative is to join the RAC or AA.

Just Say Yes — Don’t let anyone scare or intimidate you into thinking that you can’t travel on your motorcycle, whether you’re planning a solo trip or are going on a group tour. Enjoy your trip and ignore the bigots.

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