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Motorcycle Service schedule

Posted by Howard Trott on Saturday, March 17, 2018 Under: Motorcycle Maintenance
It is essential that you follow the schedule in the owners or workshop manual for your motorbike. The manufacturer will have devised a schedule specific to the mechanical characteristics of the machine, it's performance and intended use, thus ensuring that the machine can be kept in tip-top condition.

Service intervals are usually expressed in terms of distance covered ( miles or kilometres ) and time. Follow the mileage or months ( whichever comes first ). Note that extending the times/mileages between services will be more costly in the end.

The service intervals for motorcycles tend to be shorter than for cars. This is to some extent because motorcycles rev to approximately twice the engine speed of cars thus subject the engine to greater stress and wear. Unlike a car engine, the engine and gearbox of most four-stroke motorcycles is lubricated by the same oil. The oil has to withstand the very high temperatures of the engine whilst withstanding the tearing action applied to it as it lubricates the gearbox. Another very obvious reason for the shorter service intervals is that many components on a motorcycles are exposed to the weather elements.

Pre-ride checks 

In addition to the items specified in the service schedule, your owners manual will also give a list of pre-ride checks which you should perform every time you ride the machine. Many of these are common sense, but if you get into the habbit of checking them regularly you will be able to pick up things before they develop into serious faults.
  • Check the engine oil level
  • Check the brake fluid level ( hydraulic brakes )
  • Check the coolant level ( liquid-cooled engines )
  • Check the tyre pressures
  • Check that the steering and suspension operate correctly
  • Check the operation of the brakes
  • Check that the drive chain doesn't look too slack
  • Check that the throttle grip snaps shut when you release it
  • Check that all lights work and that the horn works
  • Check that the stand is held securely up when retracted

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