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Motorcycle tyre checks

Posted by Howard Trott on Thursday, October 22, 2015 Under: Motorcycle Maintenance
Motorcycle tyres must be checked when cold, not immediately after riding. Low tyre pressure may cause the tyre to slip on the rim or come off. High tyre pressures will cause abnormal tread wear and unsafe handling.

Use an accurate pressure gauge, many garage forecourt gauges are wildly inaccurate. If you buy your own spend as much as you can justify on a quality gauge.

Correct air pressure will increase tyre life and provide maximum stability, handling capability and ride comfort.


Tyre Care

Check the tyres carefully for cuts, tears, embedded nails or other sharp objects and excessive wear. Operation of the motorcycle with excessively worn tyres is extremely hazardous, as traction and handling are directly effected. Also check the wheels for signs of damage or distortion.

Check the condition of the tyre valve and ensure the dust cap is in place.

Pick out any stones or nails which may have become embedded in the tyre tread. If left they will eventually penetrate through the casing and cause puncture.

If tyre damage is apparent, or unexplained loss of pressure is experienced, seek the advice of a tyre specialist without delay. 

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