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Multi-drop motorcycle courier UK.

Posted by Howard Trott on Thursday, October 5, 2017 Under: Motorcycle Couriers
Multi-drop Motorcycle Courier Service UK. Spartan Motorcycle Courier offer a dedicated multi-drop motorcycle courier service to customers in need of delivering a number of packages on the same day. Our multi-drop courier service can be provided as a one-off service or on-demand as a flexible service to help you cope with busy periods. 

Effectively we provide a dedicated motorcycle courier hire service so that you can have your parcels, packages, documents, samples delivered. Typically, this means that you can have deliveries to multiple locations by a single motorcycle courier on one day, which inevitably works-out more cost effective than hiring couriers to make separate deliveries.

A typical multi-drop hire means that we give you a quote for the deliveries being made that day. As it states on our rates and charges page, we deliver three consignments to the same destination for the price of one. So if you have say 9 items going to three delivery destinations it is going to save you a lot of money. 

In the interest of being cost-efficient, our multi-drop delivery service also include a ‘wait and return’ collection service for items needing to be returned to your premises or perhaps moved-on to another location.

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