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Overnight delivery of valuables

Posted by Howard Trott on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 Under: Motorcycle Couriers
Had a call from a lady who needed valuables including jewellery delivered to a relative in Scotland, pick up was from Manchester. The delivery had to be made by 6am, as the person receiving the valuables was flying back home to Australia. The items of jewellery were family heirlooms and valuable. Reassured the lady that the consignments would be delivered quickly and safely. With valuable consignments they are locked in a metal lockbox and carried in a locked backpack. The backpack is never taken off until the destination is reached.

Arrived at the pick up, the door was answered by an old lady who invited me in and asked if I wanted a cup of tea. As most bikers know drinking tea is a bad idea if you've got a long ride ahead. It's hard to cross your legs on a motorcycle until you find services or a farmers field. So passed on the tea, made a detailed inventory of what valuables I was transporting on the delivery sheet and the lady signed it. Once I made sure I had the correct delivery address and contact details I was on my way.

Motorway riding helps cut down delivery time, the motorways heading towards Scotland are quieter than the ones heading down south which helps. At night they are even quieter and the only other traffic are lorries and the occasional car. You can easily spot a tired lorry driver, they stream from one lane to another. Overtook one and glanced into the cab, the drivers head was nearly touching the steering wheel. Honked my horn until he looked up then across at me. He gave me a thumb up, once I could see him straighten up I pulled away.

Once I got off the motorway my sat nav took me through the suburbs of Glasgow. The roads were empty and quiet, all I could hear was the wind and my motorcycle engine. I was making good time and entered the final section of the trip, country roads and lanes. Time for high beam, which is a must when riding on country roads at night. Pot holes, animals, and other vehicles are a few things you have to look out for. Was riding as fast as possible considering some of the road surfaces were terrible. Pot holes as big as moon craters, stones, and the odd fallen branch. In the distance I saw something moving, as I got closer I could make out a cow. Her head was stretched over a gate trying to get a better look at me. 

I enjoy riding through country roads and lanes even at night. Wouldn't like it much if I broke down though, that's why breakdown cover is important. Who else would come out and get you back on the road in the early hours. Rode through quite a few small villages which were dark and silent, everyone tucked up in bed, except for a plonker on a motorcycle. Finally reached my destination, parked up and knocked on the door. I was greeted by screams of excitement, I felt like a celebrity for a minute. Was invited in and handed over the valuables. Had a cup of tea this time before heading back.        

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