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Packing and transportation tips

Posted by Howard Trott on Monday, July 31, 2017 Under: Van Courier

Use good quality boxes. Our durable cardboard boxes are ideal for lighter items, and our Really Useful plastic boxes are some of the strongest available. You’ll be able to stack boxes to make the best use of your storage space, too.Fill boxes completely and distribute weight evenly. This will make stacking easier, and help make sure your boxes don’t tip over or collapse.Don’t overfill your boxes. Make sure your boxes don’t split or bulge.

Store heavy items in smaller boxes for easier lifting. And don’t forget to bend your knees when lifting heavy boxes.Don’t use newspaper to wrap your items. There’s a high chance the ink will stain them.Protect mirrors and pictures by protecting their corners with foam.Wrap table and chair legs with bubble or foam wrap to avoid scratching them.Fully defrost and dry out any white goods, such as fridges or washing machines.

Clean all garden furniture and make sure that your lawnmower is drained of petrol.Label all boxes clearly and keep an inventory of your stored items at home, making it easy to find your items when they’re in storage. You could use colour coded stickers, too.Use packing tape to fully secure your cardboard boxes, rather than just folding them closed.Load items you need regular access to into your van first. This should mean they end up nearest the door once loaded into your storage unit, giving you easy access.

Transporting your items

Transporting cupboards or cabinets? Wrap smaller items in bubblewrap, place them inside then secure the doors using elastic rope. This saves space while helping to stablise your cupboards during transit.Make sure your heaviest items loaded in low on the van floor, and pack lighter and smaller items around them. For large items such as bed frames or dining tables, take them apart if you can so they’ll slide in the side of your van.

Check your items against your inventory as you load your van, to check you haven’t missed anything.Secure any loose items to avoid them falling or moving during the journey. You can also use blankets wrapped around larger items to help protect them and absorb any impact.Plan your route in advance and check your route is suitable for your van’s height. 

Making the most of your storage space

Position items that you will need access to at the front of your storage unit. Use shelving to help organise your items. Put large and heavy items at the bottom of any stack you create – and don’t forget to leave a walkway to give you full access.Hang up your clothes. We provide wardrobe boxes for crease-free clothes storage – just ask in store.Leave washing machine and fridge doors open. Ventilation helps to prevent mould forming.

Avoid stacking or leaning furniture against the walls of your storage room. This may prevent proper ventilation, so keep the walls clear.Store leather sofas in their usual position. Storing them upright on their ends can cause the leather to stretch and lose its shape.Avoid storing heavy items on sofas or mattresses. It may weaken them or change their shape.Cover your furniture with dust sheets to keep them clean.

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