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Posted by Howard Trott on Thursday, September 27, 2018 Under: Motorcycle Couriers
What makes a good courier service? delivering the items on time and good order are the obvious. Going out of your way to give customers the very best service possible. Keeping the costs down and the price competitive is also important.

Here at Spartan Motorcycle Couriers we go out of our way to give the customer the very best courier service. Delivering items of all kinds and values. All staff are advanced motorcycle riders and SIA security licenced. We have delivered just about everything from false teeth to antique jewellery.

Delivering cremated remains is another consignment we deliver quite often. We always transport these items with the upmost of care as we know how precious these items are. But saying that anything we carry is treated with the upmost respect. On my travels I have see parcels being thrown into the back of a van or thrown out ready to get sorted, which is no way for a professional courier to act. In this world you get what you pay for. Beware of the cheap courier brigade as most of them are not insured. 

If you are looking for a fast, secure, courier transport hire the professionals and give us call. We always meet the delivery deadline and deliver the item in good order. Our rates are good and even better if you use us on a regular basis or start a customer account. Have a good look around the website, we are a diverse courier service transporting a cross section of items. Check out our motorbike blog which covers a variety of motorcycle related topics. Thanks for reading.   

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