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Riding a motorcycle on motorways ( part two )

Posted by Howard Trott on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 Under: Motorcycle Riding Skills
Speed limit signs

Signs which display a speed limit within a red ring indicate mandatory maximum speed limits. You must obey these signs, if you don't you risk prosecution. Black and white rectangular signs recommend maximum speed limits which you should observe.


Signals will warn of dangers ahead, such as - accidents - fog - icy roads.

Flashing amber lights

Look out for flashing amber lights and signs, either on the central reservation or overhead. These warn you of - lane closures - roadworks - other hazards. They might also show a temporary advisory speed limit, so - slow down to the speed limit - be ready to slow down still more to pass the obstacle or danger - look out for police signs - don't speed up until you see the sign ending the temporary restriction (or there are no more flashing amber lights).

Red lights

Some signs have flashing red lights as well. A red light (it may be a red X) warns you that you must not go beyond the red light in that lane, so - start to slow down in good time - be ready to change lanes. If the red light flashes on a slip road, you must not enter it. If a red light flashes on the central reservation or at the side of the road, you must not go beyond the signal in any lane.

Joining a motorway

At an entry point where a slip road leads to the motorway, adjust your speed to that of the traffic already on the motorway before joining it. Give priority to traffic already on the motorway. Join where there's a suitable gap in the left-hand lane.

Use the OSM/PSL routine

A lifesaver glance will verify the position of other vehicles. Try to avoid stopping at the end of the slip road unless queuing to join other slow moving traffic.


Indicate your intention to join the motorway - make sure you can be seen - assess the speed of the traffic on the motorway before you try to merge in.


Force your way into the traffic stream - ride along the hard shoulder.

Once you've joined the motorway, keep in the left-hand lane until you've had time to judge and adjust to the speed of the traffic already on the motorway. In a few cases, the lane merges from the right. Take extra care when joining or meeting traffic at these locations.

When other vehicles join the motorway

After you pass an exit, there's usually an entrance where other vehicles can join - don't try to race them while they're on the slip road - look well ahead if there are several vehicles joining the motorway - be prepared to adjust your speed - if it's safe, move to another lane to make it easier for joining traffic to merge.

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