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Riding Your Motorbike In The Rain

Posted by Carl Davis on Sunday, May 7, 2023 Under: Motorbike Riding Tips
People either love motorcycle riding in the rain or hate it. It can sometimes be a great experience and a new challenge, or it can completely put a dampener on your journey. Well if you are someone who would rather avoid riding in the rain at all costs, then this guide is for you, helping you to safely ride your motorbike come rain or shine.

Firstly though, we’d just like to make sure that with any motorcycle journey you go on, wet or dry, that you are making sure your tyre pressure is correct!

Prepare for your journey

It’s important to look after your motorcycle all year round, but especially so when preparing for rain riding. In the UK it rain’s most of the year, so preparing your bike for riding for the rain should just be including in your normal maintenance of your motorcycle. 

To prepare for rain you should: 

Plan your journey

Try and stay on main roads that are well lit and are more likely to have an even road surface.

Check your tyre pressure and tread

It may not be raining yet, but in the UK it could be most definitely raining soon. Make sure to check the weather before you set off so you can stay safe by following all the steps laid out in this article.

Watch out for shiny surfaces

Staying safe on your motorbike is the only important thing about riding. So watch out for shiny surfaces as they can often mean the road is worn is potentially slippery. Even on dry roads these patches can be dangerous, so please watch out for these patches of road in the rain. 

We’d also suggest staying off parts of the road such as painted lines and manhole covers. If you do find yourself going over these in the rain, avoid hard braking or accelerating.

Watch out for hazards

There are many hazards on the roads, but these can become more dangerous in the rain, and puddles are definitely one to look out for. 

Some puddles might look fine and safe to ride over, but really, they could be covering something up much more alarming, like a very large pothole! If you can’t avoid riding through a puddle, take it steady, make sure the bike is up right and don’t touch the brakes whilst you ride.

Other things that you should always be on the look out for, not only just when rain riding, is road markings, manhole covers, oil spills and blind spots amongst other things.

Take your time

Normally when driving any vehicle, we do a couple of things at a time. In the rain, and especially on a motorcycle try to do one thing at a time by separating your actions, whether that be accelerating, changing gear or turning the vehicle. By doing these actions individually you will keep the traction demands of your tyres to a minimum.

Taking your time also applies to braking and taking corners slowly when riding in the rain. When you take a corner you should approach it braking slowly and turning at the same speed. Once you are back up right and straight you can start to accelerate out of the corner slowly. Absolutely do not accelerate at speed as this could cause you to skid and cause yourself an accident.

Stay relaxed

If the rain causes you to be stressed whilst driving, then perhaps see if you can wait for the rain to pass. Driving a motorcycle by clinging to the handlebars is only going to tyre you out, cause any movement you make to be harder on you and it will also keep your suspension from working as normal. Even in the rain your bike is designed to handle small bumps and movements so trust it to do its job.

Don't rush

Wherever you are going in the rain, make sure you take it easy. Take your time and don’t rush, reduce your speed and leave more space between you and the vehicle in front. Breaking distances need to be larger in the rain, especially when you can’t always count on your tyre traction in the wet weather.

Look out for dry lines

Think of car tyre tracks as paving the way for you to ride. Car’s tyres can push the water out of your way, and you should try and take advantage of that where you can.

Get the right gear

It’s great to have waterproof motorcycle gear, but remember that in the UK in particular, the rain often makes it more difficult to see as it’s often so grey and dark. Make sure you wear visible waterproof gear so that you can be seen, as well as investing in a hi-vis vest and other reflective accessories to stay safe on the roads.

You should also consider taking a waterproof bag if you are planning on taking important things on your ride, such as a phone. You could also put a dry change of clothes in the waterproof bag, especially if you are commuting to work on your motorbike. 

Consider wearing goggles and gloves

You can switch to dual-sport helmets and goggles to make sure you avoid fogging face shields completely. Some people even wear clear safety glasses instead of goggles as those glasses fog even less. You can also buy anti-fog goggles which may actually work better for you, costing between £20-£100 depending on which ones you choose. 

Gloves are important to keep your hands warm and to make sure you can grip onto the handlebars, but don’t take them off unless you have to, as they will get cold very quickly. 

If you do have to take the gloves off, make sure you take a towel to dry your hands before putting them back in the gloves. You’ll thank us later.

Rain mode

Some motorbikes come with a setting called ‘rain mode’. This is something that we would advise using when rain riding. This mode works by cutting down engine power to limit the motorcycle from revving too much. This reduces the chances of skidding on the wet tarmac by slowly delivering power to the rear wheel instead of delivering it as forcefully as it would in the when not using rain mode. 

It’s important to also make sure your Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is on and working when riding in the rain. This can also help you to stop skidding in the rain, as the system helps to make sure the brakes don’t lock when braking sharply. 

Dry bags are a must

Nowadays we can’t go anywhere without our phones, let alone all the other valuable items we carry around with us. A dry bag will mean that your items are kept dry and safe whilst you travel through the rain, pop a towel in there as well to make sure you stay as dry as possible.

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