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Rules for Motorbike Riding

Posted by Gregg Lamb on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 Under: Motorcycle Riding Skills
The number of motorbikes in the country are constantly increasing and so is the rate of road accidents connected with motorbike. The thrill of speed when riding a motorbike is really exciting and can send a thousand sensations whenever one would straddle on the powerful motorbike. But some motorbike drivers want to test their limitations and would speed up beyond the speed limit that is why there have been so many reported road accidents related to motorbike driving. Aside from the speed the other reason why accidents happen when driving a motorbike is when a driver is drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Driving in a speed that does not exceed the legal speed limits and driving in a sound state of mind, there are other things one can do to stay safe while on the road. Here are simple tips for those who are fond of driving a motorbike, to keep you safe and away from accident:

  • Be sure that you are fit and healthy when you drive a motorcycle. If you are sleepy, feeling ill or drunk do not attempt to drive instead let somebody take you home.

  • If this is your first time to drive a motorcycle be sure that you've taken an advance driving course not only to give you confidence in maneuvering the motorbike but also to earn a discount on your insurance premiums.

  • When on the road be alert at all times. Watch the road signs and follow traffic rules. If you need to overtake a vehicle be sure that you are doing so in a safe way.

  • Before you hit the road check your brakes-including its fluid level, bike's frame, oil, clutch levels, and don't forget to check hoses and reservoirs for leaks, shocks, as well as the chain tension, make sure that it has sufficient lubrication and isn't worn out.

  • Do not attempt to carry passengers more than the allowed number of riders. Also, make sure that your bike has a suitable seat and foot pegs for the rider.

  • To avoid delays and having a flat tire while on the road make sure that you check your tires; check the condition of your tires including its air and see if there are no sharp objects embedded.

Make sure that you wear the right protective gear like helmet or any other motorcycle face mask to protect you while you are on the road.

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