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Same day courier delivery of antique coins, medals and banknotes.

Posted by Howard Trott on Saturday, April 2, 2016 Under: Motorcycle Couriers

Had a call from a gentleman who wanted a secure same day courier delivery of valuable coins, medals and banknotes to his son. Pick up from Alderley Edge and delivered to London. Assured the customer that the valuable items would be delivered securely and quickly.

My sat nav took me to a grand house so I knew the consignments I would be carrying were going to be valuable. Was greeted by a nice old gent who invited me in. He explained to me that he kept the items in a house safe but didn't feel safe, due to a few houses not far away had recently been broken into. So was sending these items to his son to be sold at auction.

He handed me a small parcel, I wasn't surprised by how heavy it was. It’s a big responsibility transporting valuable items that have sentimental valve. With items like these I always put them in a metal lock box, which fits in a lockable back pack which never comes off my back until I arrive at my destination.

He shook my hand and off I went, glanced at my sat nav which told me I had 190 miles to go, 380 miles if you count the return trip. Sat navs are a great invention but sometimes they have a mind of their own. For some reason it took me down a narrow lane. I love riding through the countryside, but have a street bike not an off-road motorcycle, so avoiding pot holes, mud and gravel was fun. The sun was shining and the sky was clear which helped.

Fought my way through the jungle then onto the motorway towards the concrete jungle. Motorway riding is fine when the traffic is moving. It can be a pain when it grinds to a halt which often happens, which is usually down to an accident, road works or a breakdown. Today was an accident, at first it was fine, the traffic was moving slowly so I could cut through the traffic. Then it came to a halt, which presents no problem until you come across some plonker who is parked too close to someone in the other lane. On this occasion the motorist pulled over slightly so I could get through.

Battled my way through the motorway section and entered the concrete jungle called London. Full of stretched buses who don’t stop for anyone, kamikaze taxi drivers and pedestrians who don’t look before stepping into the road. Then take forever to cross it, reminds me of a zombie apocalypse. When riding through a large built up area you need to stay focused, observant and anticipate what people are going to do. When overtaking cars I always watch their front wheel, if it starts to turn towards my direction I act accordingly. I don’t mean honk my horn and give the motorist a hand gesture. Slow down and pull away from harms reach. The amount I see talking on mobile phones, they are oblivious to what is going on around them. One woman kept veering onto the other lane, as I passed and honked at her, I could see she was painting her nails. ‘Dear oh dear’ no wonder there are so many accidents.

I arrived at the suburbs of London still in one piece, glanced down at my sat nav which read five miles to go. Hung a right and had a long stretch of road ahead. No speed cameras, so pulled back the throttle and charged down the motorcycle runway. Banked round a roundabout, ate up another long stretch of road, and before I knew it was at my destination. Got off my metal charger and walked to the front door, was met by a handshake and a smile. Gave the gent's son the parcel, which he opened and checked the contents. While he was checking them, I gave the old gent a call to let him know I had delivered his valuables. Another job done and another satisfied customer. Got a signature, back on my steel horse and time to call at a chippy I'd passed on the way, before heading home.

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