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Same day courier delivery of documents and computer discs

Posted by Howard Trott on Saturday, April 16, 2016 Under: Motorcycle Couriers

Had a call from a company in Warrington who needed documents delivering to one of their branches in Bristol. I was told it was a few files and a sealed tray of computer discs. Looked out of my window and it was pouring with rain. Being a motorcycle courier you have to deliver consignments in all weathers, if you wear the right motorcycle riding gear bad weather is not a problem. Wearing motorcycle leathers in pouring rain is not advisable, the leather retains the water which makes the leathers twice as heavy. If it’s a cold day you’ll shake with the cold on a long trip. Insulated waterproof gear is what to wear.

Got on my trusty iron steed and off I went. A set of windscreen wipers for my helmet visor would be good, saves wiping the rain off every five minutes. Reached my pick-up point and headed towards reception, told the receptionist why I was there and she phoned through to the office. She told me someone would be down directly and to wait. Ten minutes came and went and still no sign of anyone, I make it quite clear to people to have the consignments ready. Was just about to ask the receptionist to call them, when a saw a woman walking towards me carrying what looked like the consignments. I could see why she took so long, she was wearing the tallest set of high heels I’d ever seen and was walking very carefully on the polished floor, I could have blown her over.   

She apologised and handed me the consignments and I was on my way. The journey is straight forward enough and most of it is motorway. The rain was coming down harder as I started my first and longest motorway stretch the M6. There is always road works somewhere along the motorway, when you pass through them there is never anyone working. Tell a lie, on one occasion I did see a workman yawn and scratch his head. As anyone knows motorway riding in the rain is not the most enjoyable thing to do. Visibility is not great due to pounding rain on your visor and spray from vehicles. You have to be extra vigilant as some motorists can’t see you when conditions are good never mind when they are bad. They pull out onto the overtaking lane in front of you, I always have my bikes twin headlights on, but that doesn't seem to make much difference.

Besides the pouring rain the ride was ok and had not run into any traffic jams. Did my good deed for the day while at the services getting some petrol. While I was filling the bike up could hear a noise like a strangled cat, a lad was having trouble starting his motorcycle. Went over for a look, he must of nudged the engine cut-off switch, he’d still be there now if I didn't flick it back down. After fighting with the rain, swearing at lorries and avoiding muppets in cars I arrived at the Severn Bridge. As anyone from that part of the world knows it’s the divide between England and Wales. It spans the river Severn and the river Wye and is just north of Bristol. It’s a toll bridge and the price to cross it depends on the type of vehicle you’re in. Up to a 9 seat vehicle, the cost is £6.60 which is a rip off, if you’re driving a HGV it’s a lot more and that’s only one way.

Severn Bridge

I arrived at the outskirts of Bristol in no time, the rain had stopped which was a bonus. I met a few traffic jams but cut through them easily and passed quite a few van couriers stuck in the jam. That’s one of the big advantages of riding a motorcycle you don’t have to wait in traffic for long. Turned into an industrial estate and glanced down at my sat nav, not far to go and the offices were on the road I was on. In the distance I could see a large glass building and knew that was it. Pulled up outside and was right, the name of the company was in bold letters above the entrance, got off my machine and went in. Told the receptionist who I was, she did exactly the same as the receptionist in the other branch, phoned through and asked me to wait. I half expected a girl wearing a pair of stilts to come for the consignments. A bloke walked towards me, he wasn’t wearing high heels just a smile. Handed over the consignments and got a signature, job done. On my way back there was still a traffic jam and those poor van couriers were still in it. Gave one a wave just to rub it in, he mouthed something at me as I rode past, probably telling me to ride safely.   

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