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Posted by Hugh Wilson on Sunday, September 27, 2020 Under: Sample Courier UK
Sample Courier UK. Spartan Motorcycle Couriers provides our clients with flexible and safe sample pickup and shipping solutions UK.
Our cost-effective UK sample courier services save valuable time in getting your samples to your facilities. We are staffed to receive your samples 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide secure and timely sample pickup service to clients within our same-day courier service area. In a matter of hours, we can pick up your samples, pack them if needed and transport them back to your laboratory to be logged for analysis. Because many samples have a brief holding time, getting them quickly, easily and safely to the lab is of
utmost importance. Our couriers have been trained in sample handling, sample transport and chain-ofcustody procedures.

To arrange for a sample pickup, please call us 24 hours in advance whenever possible.
You can also establish a convenient, regularly scheduled courier stop.

Why Choose Spartan Motorcycle Couriers?
  •  We guarantee same-day delivery within our sameday service route.
  • Our couriers can help save time by packing your samples for transport and serve as sole custodian until samples reach your laboratory.
  • Our couriers work diligently to satisfy the demands of your project. We can accommodate pickups outside of our regular pickup routes. 
  • Commercial carriers charge by weight or volume. With Spartan Motorcycle Couriers, you will pay the same low rate regardless of size. This could be a significant savings if there is substantial sample volume.
  • Should you forget to call in advance and need your samples picked up in a hurry, our couriers are all equipped with hands free phones so we can communicate any last-minute changes to the couriers. If you are on an established schedule, there is no need to remind us, our courier will be there.

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