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Posted by Howard Trott on Sunday, January 25, 2015 Under: Motorcycle Security

Motorcycles are very commonly not secured properly so they can be easy for thieves. By taking some appropriate precautions and using good quality security products and using them well, should help you to keep your motorcycle safe.

Security devices generally come in different categories ranging from 1 to 5 (1 being the best and most expensive). Below is a list of the category description:

Cat 1: Electronic alarm and immobiliser combined system

Cat 2: Electronic immobiliser (Upgradeable to Cat.1 with an alarm system)

Cat 3: Mechanical device such as a lock or chain

Cat 4: Wheel locking devices

Cat 5: After-theft systems, such as trackers or datatagging

Each product is reviewed every 12 months, so the category may depend on the age of the system fitted to your motorcycle. Although an alarm and immobiliser may start life as a Cat.1 system after 12 months it may not be considered to be at this level.

The most effective type of security is locks, chains and especially disk locks. Cat. 3/4 devices or physical devices cause the most problems to thieves as they make the motorcycle immobile when anchored. Rather than an electronic system that is reliant on power, mechanical devices can also be the cheapest to buy, although they are perhaps the most effective.

Many insurers do not offer huge discounts when considering security on a motorcycle insurance policy, especially when you compare the cost of the security system to the amount of discount on the insurance. Although many insurers may make the security a condition of the policy, they will not provide a price without a certain category security system fitted to the motorcycle, this can be in relation to the value of the motorcycle.

An average Cat. 1 alarm and immobiliser system could set you back as much as £350.00 including fitting. These types of systems can include functions such as an alert to your mobile phone if your motorcycle thinks it is being stolen, or a proximity sensor when someone might get too close to your vehicle. Quite often an alarm and immobiliser such as this may be included and fitted when purchasing a new motorcycle.

Many major motorcycle manufacturers fit a standard immobiliser to their newer models, manufacturers such as Honda, Kawasaki or Yamaha fit newer motorcycles with an ignition security system. Manufacturers such as Peugeot fit many of their newer scooters with mechanical security known as a Boa Lock, which can be pulled out from the rear of the vehicle and secured to an anchor point, all in an effort to reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance as scooters are the most common type of vehicle to be stolen.

The most effective type of security that will always bring cheaper motorcycle insurance quotes is a secure brick built garage. Most insurers can give such a large discount for this that the insurer may add an endorsement to your policy, to state that the vehicle must always be kept in your garage whilst at the home address.

Cat. 5 devices (After-theft products) include devices such as trackers, or tagging systems such as alpha dot or datatagging. These devices are designed to recover the motorcycle after a theft has taken place. Although tagging systems normally cost between £30 to £60 tracking systems can be very expensive, in addition to the initial cost of the system you will also have a monthly subscription cost to keep the service running.

Motorcycle security is always a good idea, everything helps against the theft of your motorcycle.

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