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Security of courier cargo

Posted by Mark Davis on Monday, October 1, 2018 Under: Security Motorcycle Courier
Delivery drivers make a living out of successfully collecting and dispatching items. They can maintain a positive reputation by keeping the courier cargo safe. However, they do face a challenge when it comes to the protection of breakables. 

Choosing Containers

There is a wide selection of packaging types that can be used to store courier loads. Double sided cardboard boxes will suitably protect some household items. Plastic boxes might be required to safeguard glassware and other valuables. There are some companies that specialise in the sale of reliable courier equipment.

Using Labels

It may be necessary to label some containers as fragile. There should also be some indication of the way up that the items should be kept. On some occasions the customers may write the labels themselves, however, it is sensible to carry a marker pen and set of distinctive labels, just in case.

Positioning Objects Securely

It will make good sense to strap some items down using strong rope and tape. It is also important to exercise caution when loading goods of varying weights. A single drop or mistaken placement could result in seriously expensive damages. If you feel in any doubt about the carrying of courier loads then reorganisation may be needed.

Filling Any Gaps

A specialist deliverer of courier loads recently declared that 'the aim is no movement... either inside any packaging, or the package in the van." One of the simplest ways of achieving this is to stuff all noticeable gaps with padding. Linen and towels are absolutely ideal for this job.

Drive Carefully

It is absolutely imperative that you drive with caution when carrying courier loads. A sharp turn or bump in the road could cause serious damage to goods that you are hoping to deliver. And just imagine the look on your customer's face when they hear that their favourite ceramic dish has been smashed or crushed en route to their premises.

Work With Professionals

If you are in the position of being able to expand your courier business then it is absolutely essential that you hire responsible staff. Well suited workers should have experience in the trade and be able to provide references with regards to reliability. Word will soon spread if you are seen to be working with shoddy tradespeople.

Prepare For The Worst

Even couriers who take all of the reasonable precautions are prone to the odd accident. However, they prepare for such eventualities by investing in comprehensive insurance. The best policies will protect you against any injuries that may be sustained while lifting and unexpected damages to your customer's goods. It should also be reasonably affordable.

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