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Sending high value parcels

Posted by Howard Trott on Saturday, February 2, 2019 Under: Guest Motorcycle Articles
High Value Parcel Courier UK. Sending out parcels that have a high value requires a lot more thought than simply putting a book in a cardboard box, and just using a normal parcel courier to deliver it.

Different high value parcels will require different methods of packing and transportation. Yet some very simple parcel delivery methods are still used. An example of this is the Diamond industry, where the stones are often sent via a normal postal service in very small packets, as this method has proved highly secure.

Yet clearly if you were sending one diamond valued at several million you would be most likely to use a highly secure parcel service, and take extreme precautions whilst in transit, such as a police escort.

The opposite of this would be an antique item of a very high price sent in a large parcel. In this instance one of the key factors would be insuring the parcel was packed correctly, and that a parcel courier specializing in the transport of antiques shipped it. As the safe arrival of the parcel undamaged by the courier would be more of an issue, and theft less of a risk, with key antique items being much harder to "Fence" in the event of theft.

Yet both the parcels containing the diamonds and the antiques, may well need to have their insurance value whilst in transit, covered above a level that the parcel courier normally has, and you would have to arrange this.

Also if you are sending high value parcels that would be susceptible to theft in transit such as antiques, cash or diamonds/expensive jewellery, then knowing where the parcels are at any one time when in transit is essential. Not only does it alleviate your worry as well as your customers. So you would also want a parcel carrier that offers an online tracking system, so you can track the safe arrival of your parcel.

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