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Shipping parcels in bulk

Posted by Dan Walker on Saturday, February 2, 2019 Under: Guest Motorcycle Articles
This may not immediately jump out as a way of saving your company or customers money in shipping costs, but often shipping parcels in bulk can bring about big cost saving benefits. There are several circumstances in which it may apply to your business. Note though, that it will not be applicable for every business to consider shipping parcels in bulk.

Carriers are often able to offer you a discount if they ship your parcels in bulk to a supplier. To ship fifty of the same parcel to your customer once a month costs them far less in fuel than shipping one of your parcels to the same customer fifty times per month. Substantially less in fact than shipping the parcels individually.

If your customer is ordering the same amount of goods each month, but is only ordering them in small quantities, you could present them with the potential cost savings by shipping the parcels in larger quantities. You could then possibly offer to split the parcel courier savings that arise as a result. Given that the cost savings will be substantial, it is likely they will agree.

However not every customer will agree to bulk parcel shipping, if for instance they order on average fifty of a certain item from you per month, but cannot guarantee to do so every month. Or they order none one month, and one hundred the next, as an example.

Or they may simply not have the space to hold all fifty parcels at once. If this is the case you could approach your parcel courier and ask them to take the parcels from you in bulk, then hold them at a local depot near your customer, and deliver as required. This option would not bring about such a big saving on parcel courier costs, but it is a bulk parcel shipping option to consider.

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