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Cleaning your motorcycle

Posted by Howard Trott on Thursday, October 26, 2017, In : Motorcycle Maintenance 
Whether you own a custom cruiser or a sports bike, you'll want to keep your motorcycle away from commercial washing facilities and perform the cleaning ritual yourself. Those high-pressure hoses can damage bike parts, which are more vulnerable than mechanical parts in cars.

Be sure you find a shady spot to wash (and dry) your bike since the sun can create temperature differentials that harm paint and allow water to leave spots.

Assemble the following items as needed:

  • A bucket for soapy water
  • Soap...

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Maintaining your motorbike

Posted by Howard Trott on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, In : Motorcycle Maintenance 
A motorcycle requires a lot of maintenance.  Motorcycles are different from cars because you only have two wheels to take you down the road, and one loose bolt on a bike can mean the difference between an enjoyable Sunday afternoon ride or a breakdown -- or worse yet, a crash.  We will discuss routine motorcycle maintenance, what to look for, and how to accomplish it.

Keep It Clean

While routine cleaning will make sure your bike to always looks its best, the simple act of washing and detailing ...

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