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The cutest motorcycle courier

Posted by Howard Trott on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 Under: Female Motorcycle Riders
My friends niece Joanne has got to be the best looking motorcycle courier on the road. She has been riding bikes since she was 14 and started on scramblers. Her parents run a farm so she had plenty of off-road practice. She passed her motorbike test first time and rides a Kawasaki Ninja. Last year she helped us out for a week making deliveries, she was so popular we had plenty of calls all asking for her. One company used her three times in one day, you can see why. 

She is an excellent motorcycle rider and pushes her Kawasaki Ninja to the limit. Has good road sense and anticipates things before they happen which is part of being a good bike rider. She can also pull the best wheelie I've seen for sometime. I rode with her on one of her deliveries. She swings her bike around bends with ease and is like a dart on straight roads. Cuts through traffic like a pro and is always courteous to other road users and pedestrians.

Thanks again Jo for helping us out, and hopefully we'll see you again this summer. I've immortalised you in this blog which you deserve. You're an excellent motorbike rider, fun to have around and make a cracking cup of tea.  

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