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Tom Tom Rider Motorcycle Sat Nav

Posted by Howard Trott on Sunday, August 21, 2016 Under: Motorcycle Accessories

Choosing a motorcycle sat nav can be daunting due to the amount on the market. Don't rush into buying the first sat nav you come across, shop around and find the one that best suits your needs. For instance, if you want one for cross country riding, choose a hard wearing motorcycle sat nav which can take a lot of vibration, that has a good handlebar mounting and a good size, highly visible screen.

Tom Tom Rider 2nd Edition

I've used a Tom Tom Rider 2nd Edition for years and is great for motorcycle courier work. It has a touch screen which is clear, easy to read and large enough to operate while wearing your motorcycle gloves. The Rider 2 has a sun shield to reduce glare and has a waterproof rating of IPX7, which means the sat nav can withstand immersion in deep water for 30 minutes. That's more than adequate for most riding conditions.

The Tom Tom Rider 2 comes with a Cardo Systems Scala-Rider Bluetooth Headset, which has a windproof microphone and a 1.25 inch flat speaker that attaches with Velcro to the inside of the motorcycle helmet. The body of the headset attaches to the side of the motorcycle helmet by means of a clamp. It lets you hear turn by turn directions so you don't have to take your eyes off the road. You can also use it to receive and make phone calls.  

The Tom Tom Rider 2nd Edition is a little outdated now but I like it. If you can't afford a new motorcycle sat nav there are plenty of good second-hand ones about. Finally, if anyone wants to send me a new sat nav I'll be happy to post a full review. Can't see that happening but worth a try. Happy riding.

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