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Transportation Of £10,000 Cash

Posted by Howard Trott on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 Under: Security Motorcycle Courier
Transportation Of £10,000 Cash From Chester To Manchester. Monday 18th November.
Had a call from one of our clients we do security work for. He needed a consignment of cash transported from his office to a client. This was an odd request as usually transactions like this are done by money transfer. He informed me his client wanted the money in cash as soon as possible.

For consignments such as this we use a lockable cash in transit box which is then locked in one of our Backpacks. The journey to Chester was different, had three cars pull out in front of me on the way which is a high percentage for a comparatively small trip. Sometimes riding a motorcycle is like driving a dodgem at the fair. You need to think for some people as they have no road sense. Picked up the cash which I locked away in the box, then locked that in my Backpack. Told my client this was a strange request, who informed me he owed this fella the money and he only dealt in cash. Shook his hand, got on my motorcycle and off I went to Manchester.

When I arrived at my destination I thought my Sat Nav was playing up. All there was on this plot of land was three warehouses. Got off my motorcycle and had a good look around. The middle warehouse had medal fire escape steps going up to a small building on top of the warehouse. I decided to give it a try. Got to the top of the steps and knocked on the door. It was answered by a smart middle aged woman. I told her why I was there, she then took me through to a back office. A bloke in a suit was sitting at a desk. Asked him his name and looked at his photo I.D. then knew I'd come to the right place. Took off the Backpack and unlocked it then did the same with the cash in transit box. Waited until the bloke had counted the money then he signed for it. Got back to my motorcycle and gave my client a call. Its strange how some people do business. The ride home was incident free. 

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