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Transportation Of Diamond Ring

Posted by Howard Trott on Sunday, November 17, 2013 Under: Security Motorcycle Courier
Transportation Of Diamond Ring From Manchester To Stourbridge Birmingham Friday 15th November.
Valuable consignments come in all shapes and sizes. Jewellery is one of the most valuable consignments delivered. Had to pick up a diamond ring from a jewellers in Manchester and deliver it to a private address in Birmingham. It was an engagement ring that had been bought but had to be re-sized. The client couldn't collect the ring himself so contacted us. Was sent through the documentation and a picture of the ring. Everything had been paid for so just had to pick it up.

Got to the jewellers and gave him the documentation. While I was waiting I had a look around and couldn't believe some of the prices. The Jeweller return with the ring, and what a ring. I could buy a new motorcycle with what it was worth. Locked it away, got on my motorcycle and off I went. While I was riding to Birmingham I thought about a bloke I knew years ago who spent an arm and a leg on a woman he was going to marry. She dumped him before the wedding and even kept the engagement ring. Hopefully the bloke I'm delivering this ring to will have better luck.

Got to my delivery destination, Quarry Park Road, Birmingham. The house was pure luxury. Parked by the gates and walked down the drive. Rang the door bell, the door was opened right away, so he must of seen me walking down the drive. He was about 70. When I asked for the person I had to deliver the ring to he said it was him. He invited me in and showed me his photo I.D. Gave him the ring which he took out of the box, blew on it then polished it was the sleeve of his shirt. Thought to myself, 'your never too old'. He asked if I'd like to see a picture of his future wife. I thought why not and expected to see someone around his age. When he handed me the picture I was looking at a beautiful girl who must be around 30. I told him he was a lucky man and he agreed. I also complimented him on his beautiful house, which he told me was worth over a million. He shook my hand then I left. Called the jewellers to confirm delivery, got on my motorcycle and rode home. I hope things go well for the fella. I know what your thinking, the same thought had crossed my mind.

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